VINCENT MILLS – Winter Week 03

I had a fairly rough week this week. Because most of my cleaning last term was in Vicon Blade and NOT MotionBuilder, the entire group had to go on duty to clean the motions in MotionBuilder. Here’s the problem: I’m really the only person that knew how to work in it at all. So, I was given the worst motions and was simply informed that it was all I had to do.

But, howdy, did it take a lot of work.

Throughout the week, I’ve been having trouble working on the motions at all due to job searching, classes, and other personal matters that was in the way. In addition, I could really only work on the motions during the weekend after work, as I did have work for a significant portion of the day. Thus, I didn’t get a chance to check on the render farm.

Starting with the pegleg animation, I had trouble. I took a large, significant amount of time to fix it; however, the video below shows the one, most important issue I’ve had with the motion: there are times where the animation glitches out when pressing “Play”, even though scrolling through the animation showed no problems.

Honestly, I don’t know why this is the case, but I assumed that this was a MotionBuilder error and not a problem with the animation.

The other major one I did was the one between Ava and Ty. Ty seemed so broken that I wanted to redo him on another motion capture session; however, I did manage to clean it (at least to a presentable level).

Lastly, I had to do a wave+walk animation for “Not Ty”. All I had to do was take two of our motions, combine them, and then loop the pose so that it can be used indefinitely. This was a large challenge for me because I’ve never combined motions in this way, nor looped anything before. However, after some time and research, I got it done.

Throughout all of this, I did run into some issues:

Now, after all of this is done, I am happy to know that, now that the major cleaning issues have been fixed, I should be able to do more tweaking and actual animating without issue.


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