Aaron Sanden – Co Manager

Once again, this week was production; though even more so with the final show of the term fast approaching.

Saleesha, Vincent, Joe, and Myself had our final mo cap session for the term. We got some crowd motions, as well as redid a few bad motions from the last shoot. And while there has been some uphill struggles in getting some of these motions to work; Vincent, Vinson, and Saleesha seem to be making the headway we need.

Trevor, Vinson, Joe and Alan are making good progress with texturing. Most of the Parlor has been textured at this point, and we have a few more of the dock buildings ready to go.

Saleesha and myself have been making progress with setting up the new scenes. Specifically, she’s been implementing the characters while I have been working on cameras and lighting. And I must say that a lot of our scenes are looking pretty damn good (our render times are another story entirely, but that little snag should be fixed soon)

Vincent and Joe have been working on getting the crowds finally implemented and working properly, so we should be seeing those in a few days.

Michelle has been working on Ava’s cloth simulation and for the most part it’s working out pretty well. Only a bit of collision left, so that should be ready to go soon enough (now if we can get her into the scene without it turning into a horror movie this time, we shall see)

And lastly, Saleesha and Myself met with Jax to rerecord most of the dialog without resorting to shoving our team lead in a box (though I will admit, that part will be sorely missed~) Jax was more than helpful as we got some pretty good audio for Ava’s letter and the stretcher scenes. Sadly we couldn’t redo Michelle’s crying as she was rendered out of commission due to a sprained ankle. It’s a shame, but we can still resort to her box audio as hers didn’t have too many problems with the background elevator like the rest did. (We hope you get better soon Mickey! Return to us~)

Actually, on that note of blunt force trauma, or team lead has been rendered all but blind due to a completely unprovoked assault from her umbrella during this week’s little blizzard that resulted in the loss of her glasses. While yes, it is a touch funny to watch her practically kissing the monitor in order to see her work (trust me, there is no shortage of blind jokes being tossed around amongst the team) it is something we hope get’s solved sooner rather than later. (See Saleesha, this is what happens when you refuse to take a break… nature literally goes out of it’s way to render you blind just to force you to take one~)

And that’s about it. We’re moving forward with the project and are looking to have something solid enough to demonstrate during the Evil Quacks’ showcase this upcoming Sunday. Fingers crossed as always, but we’re looking to be right on schedule (assuming there are no more acts of god to immobilize more of our team that is~)

End of Week Synopsis: …. Goddamn it you guys! I look away for one second and two prominent members of the team get taken out!


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